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    The Streets Section

    The Streets section is an IC section on the forums where you can find advertisements for vehicles, properties or business ads and job offerings. This section is strictly an In Character section and any type of metagaming will result in an infraction.

    Please stick to the correct sub-forums when posting your material

    The section is divided into 4 different sub-forums:

    • The main section - used for general forums roleplay. You can post advertisements, flyers and such in this section.
    • Real Estate - section to be used for buying / selling or trading houses and buildings, piece of lands and such.
    • Automotive - section to be used for buying / selling or trading cars.
    • Marketplace - section should be used to buy items. You can also roleplay posting ads on a blackmarket to sell drugs and guns.
    • Elections and Propaganda - political parties can roleplay their campaigns here, everything related to political parties and elections should go in this section.
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