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    Player Freedom Policy

    (Note: Unless specified, SA:MP Ops approval is not required!)

    Spoiler: Useful Definitions Explained

    Elected Official: Any individual elected to public office through an in character (IC) process (such as a senator).

    Elected Leader: Any leader elected to public office through an in character (IC) process (for example, the president).

    Non-Elected Official: Any individual not elected to public office but still appointed to public office through an in character (IC) process (for example, the attorney general).

    Non-Elected Leader: Any leader not elected to public office but still appointed to public office through an in character (IC) process (for example, a national dictator).

    Magistrate: A judge of an established court legitimized by in character (IC) law or convention.

    ICly Legitimized Process: A process that is ordained and supported by in character (IC) law or precedent.

    Skirmish: A battle between two forces with no immediate long-term consequences.

    Eminent Domain: The confiscation of private property by the government for public use, following due monetary compensation to the property owner.

    Government Faction: Factions that are state-funded and state-serving, like the LSPD, FBI, FDSA or the National Guard.

    Private Faction: Factions that function as businesses like SANews.

    Usage of Examples: Certain clauses in this policy will feature examples only for the sake of clarification. They are not necessarily representative of in character (IC) law and should not be interpreted as superseding in character law. Should IC changes render the examples used invalid, IC law prevails. The examples are only included for the purpose of better explaining the policy. This policy is meant to enable leaders and officials to best use their IC powers, not to give them new powers. This policy describes what players are OOCly permitted to do, not ICly!

    Chapter 1: Authorities of Group Leaders and Members

    Policy 1.1: Slot Holder and Group Member Removals

    • Through an in character legitimized process, elected leaders, non-elected leaders, elected officials, non-elected officials and magistrates are permitted to suspend or remove faction slot holders and members with the approval of the Director of SA:MP Operations.

    Policy 1.2: Overthrows (Coups Detat)

    • A coup detat by players to overthrow an individual or a system is considered an ICly legitimized process, subject to the approval first by the Director of SA:MP Operations.

    Policy 1.3: Slot Holder Appointments

    • Should a Government faction slot holder position be vacant, the Department of SA:MP Operations will present a list of candidates to the responsible elected or non-elected leader/elected or non-elected officials, from which the responsible person(s) may choose a final appointment. Any in character legitimized slot holder appointments must be from only the list of candidates selected by the Department of SA:MP Operations, and enacted only through an in character legitimized process.

    Chapter 2: Faction & Gang Raids

    Policy 2.1: Consequences of Raids (Factions)
    • Government factions may ask a SA:MP Ops representative to enforce consequences of raids (on gangs) on a case-by-case basis, but these consequences are ultimately subject to the approval of a SA:MP Ops staff member. However, if a faction wishes to to raid a gangs headquarters without any gang consequences, they may do so without SA:MP Ops approval as long as somebody in the gang is wanted and/or has a casefile on them.

    Policy 2.2: Locker & Property Raids (Factions)
    • Factions, when raiding gangs, may only request to raid a gang's lockers once every week, and this request must be made to a SA:MP Ops supervisor before the raid begins. Gangs are permitted to have disabled 1 locker, 1 DD and 1 Weaponized Vehicle (if said group has any) per week for a period at the discretion of the approving SA:MP Ops Supervisor.

    Policy 2.3: Raids on Faction Headquarters (Factions)
    • Under no circumstances are factions allowed to raid each other. If an issue rises between factions, the dispute is to be brought up in character to the Government so they can handle the situation.

    Policy 2.4: Initiation and Cessation of Raids (Gangs)
    • Gangs may raid other gang headquarters with proper in character reason, but may only raid government faction headquarters without approval in the event that a gang leader from their gang is currently being held in the headquarters (Revenge Killing rule still applies, except for the group who's HQ it is). This does not include Area 51, which is a red zone and players may raid it whenever they wish (Revenge Killing rule still applies (except for the National Guard)). Once the gang leader is reacquired or after 30 minutes passes, the raid must cease. Other raids and restrictions are subject to SA:MP Ops approval on a case-by-case basis.

    Policy 2.5: Consequences of Raids (Gangs)
    • Gangs may ask a SA:MP Ops member to enforce consequences of raids on a case-by-case basis, but these consequences are ultimately subject to the approval of the SA:MP Ops staff (gang on gang raid consequences may be requested once a week. Gang on faction consequences may be requested once a month).

    Policy 2.6: Bank Robberies
    • Only official gangs are allowed to raid and rob a bank. An admin may readily assist any group of individuals who have sufficiently RP'd the preparations (and provided proof of said RP) for a bank robbery, however that may be once per week. Once the robbery has begun, the admin supervising the robbery must notify law enforcement on department radio. If the raid is successful and the robbers have escaped, the supervising administrator may remove a minimum of $50,000 to a maximum of $200,000 depending on how much the Government vault has, and if the spectating administrator feels that the group roleplayed sufficiently.

    Policy 2.7: Prison Raids
    • Any player or gang may raid a prison at any time without approval. Once inside the prison if the players make it to the cells they may report for an admin to open the cells and to free the prisoners (provided the raiding group has roleplayed everything properly infront of the spectating administrator). Normal Revenge Kill rules apply (except for National Guard, who own the prison). Once the group/people raiding have begun to RP'ly free the prisoners, the spectating admin must notify law enforcements on the department radio (via an RP message). If the raid successful, and if the escaped prisoner is not being actively pursued for 5 minutes, the escaped prisoner may /report to be released by an administrator.

    Policy 2.8: Crate Facility Raids
    • Players may enter the Crate Facility at Area 51 only when it is not under lockdown. (i.e: the facility is only raidable whilst the gates that lead to the facility are open).
    • Each raid can last up to 90 minutes before a randomized cooldown period commences. During a cooldown, crates may only be obtained by stealing them from vehicles conducting transfers (aka crate convoys).

    This policy is subject to change at any time by the Director of SA:MP Operations.

    Credits: Melvin

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