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    After many years of building a successful narcotic empire, Sex Money Murda finally began to show signs of weakness. After the various wars with major organizations such as Knockknaheeny Disciples and Market Crips, this all took its toll on the set. From that point forward, Sex Money Murda's power began to decay, delaying the inevitable. Some died, some were arrested, some dropped the set but some stayed loyal. Tyson, long lasting Blood OG showed Breyann the true path of SMM, the way Filip wanted it to be led. He showed her the old neighbourhood where it all began...

    Tyson believed that the best move was to move the operations over to another side, away from the previous location. The fresh start was all that they needed and they could find a clean slate down at Seville. At first Breyann didn't really like the idea, but knowing Tyson was right she went on with it. She agreed to the move after changing her mind. After taking a walk around the deserted neighbourhood of Seville, memories flooded Tyson's mind. The green color was waving once again besides the simbolical red color of the bloods. The boulevard was alive once again and the news began to spread all over the city that SMM leftovers were still around. Most of the old members returned to its home, bringing the life back into the boulevard. Then Breyann realized that her father was watching from a better perspective, where she was certain that it was the right thing to do. Then the bloods and crews were running under the flag of the Boulevard Families.
    The Scheneider's family is a term used for the gang under the Blood Nation banner that was found in Playa del Seville. The term was used more than the name of the gang. The reason being is that the whole family was ran by many of the Schneiders' OG's like Filip, then Makisa, Tyson and then to finish the legacy with Breyann. Most people knew that in Seville the squad was the Schneider family and that there would always be an Schneider around the block, whether it was Filip, Breyann or Tyson. The new generations began to rise and began to prepare to continue with the various chapters of their history...

    Changes and changes. Moving to the East of Los Santos and getting more fame also brought more enemies. Grove Street Families never liked the idea that the Seville Boulevard Families were active once again, during the war between these two the death counts skyrocketed and many innocents suffered. The casualties of the war included OG's of Seville, young AJ and Tyson. Flamed up members of Seville Boulevard set were writing graffiti all around Playa del Sville. Names like Bell, AJ, Tyson popped up on the walls overnight. Seville was showing their gratitude for the people who gave their lives for the set. Later on Breyann was shot while she was on a ride with other shotcallers. However, the Families didn't end here. Perhaps this could have been the beginning of the end but many others stepped up replacing the old OGs, but they had less respect for the flaming colors that the OG's had brought to Seville. Changes began to happen under Slim, along with Ace and Viper. They didn't want to live under the Blood flag anymore and made their own. They turned the whole set purple and dropped the blood culture.

    For yars, the bloods that were affiliated with the Schneider bloodline saw friends in Glen Park Ballas. Since 18th Street Blood set was formed by Big Red, the bloods kept a close connection with the Ballas using it for their economical wellbeing and other methods of help. Filip, who earned a rank of OG in a blood gang and got nicknamed Big Red, also started a rap carreer which ended with his death. The Schneiders from Glen Park didn't want to involve themselves in the Ballas business, so they were dealing drugs on their own at Las Colinas and Jefferson. If Ballas needed them, however, they would be always there to visit and help them. As the freelancers they were, they never used any specific colors or special signs.
    As the red color began to fade away from Playa del Seville, connections with that Ballas also began to diminish. The Schneiders began to be worried for their lives because the SBF, and the Southsid Grapes, cut the connections with Ballas. The oldest remaining members of the Schneider family from Glen Park Joh and Lucas went over to Playa de Seville to meet Slim. Slim was born in Temple, he had to move because of Sex Money Murda's downfall. He didn't really know the origin of the Schneiders or its roots. All he knew washis mission and what he had to do after the 18th Street Bloods felt. After various conversations, Joh and Lucas convinced Riad to get back on track, to not change what had been there for years and also making more trouble for his relatives at Glen Park. They told him about the real Schneider family in Glen Park and after that the Grapes met with the Ballas, but the Ballas OGs lost interest in these connections. Then the whole family reunited at the Schneider's lockup given that they had been neglected by the Ballas once again. The main plan was to take the Ballas off of the streets when they were alone and vulnerable. It was the perfect time to carry out the plan. So the Schneiders joined forces with whoever they could and took down the Ballas. Many of the Schneiders disagreed but it was what had to be done. Then Riad explained to them that they were all in danger and that they shouldn't allow a small crew like the Ballas to destroy their lines of economy.

    After Riad carried this out, they laid low for quite a while. However, Riad got into medical troubles that would then lead to the uprise of Yorman and Mc-40 whose name is yet unknown. After the Ballas' final downfall, the Scheneiders or rather, the One Niners, began to take over the streets and representing the red color. They moved over towards the Car Wash near Grove Street and took over a small compound that was left as a gift from one of MC-40's family members. They didn't name their set after the old set like Playa del Seville, but they called it One-Niners. Now the One-Niners can be easily found in these areas near the basketball court, the cluckin' bell and many other places near the vicinity...

    Shortly after this period, MC-40, who later revealed his identity as Thyson began to work on the reconstruction of his old compound. It had been left behind with little to no repairs and in terrible condition. Mc-40 decided to gather up some of his old pals along with the Kleinmans and began working on the rehabilitation of the compound. Firstly they began in fixing the electrical gates that surrounded the place to ensure that no intruders got around the place when they weren't expected. Then they began working in the inside. The place is still in poor condition but it has improved a lot compared to how it was firstly found. Various rooms can be found inside and a lot of storage crates with things that need to be unpacked. Along with that, in one of the outer rooms Thyson has opened up a garage and in some other room a small ammu-nation franchise to move some weapons around. This with the purpose of using smuggled and stolen weapons in the legal weapon shipments that way they can profit more off of the sales. Along with that, Howard began working with some of the other members to gather up a team of people to begin building a club for the Niners....
    After that the members gathered in a meeting to discuss what was going to happen at the block. Thyson has been named the top financial dog to handle the external affairs of the group while the others carry out their roles by co-leading the block and the gang.
    Thyson also dismantled the old meat shop that was found called "Carniceria el pueblo" and found a way to turn that into a big warehouse. He dug into some of the walls to set up some rooms while not jeopardizing the foundations of the building. It is unknown right now when the facilities will be ready for operations but all of the members are working hard to turn the old place into something where they can make the biggest and most powerful gang.

    Shortly after Thyson's arrival Anthonella and Howard began arranging their affairs and then decided to go in company of their closest friends and the O.Gs of One Niners down to Jefferson Church, where they had their marriage ceremony. Not so long after that all of them were headed to the One Niners' set, where they all decided to buy drinks and throw a public party as a celebration of the newly married couple. Things didn't take long to go south, however, given that a Aryan White Race supremacist had shown up and threw some shots in the air, which alerted the Niners and led to a gunfight. Following the beginning of the gunfight, an unknown man appeared with a Rocket Propelled Gun and shot towards the building of the One Niners, and thus, destroying its corner side.
    As of this date, the One Niners are working on the repairs that luckily were only superficial and didn't damage anything inside or the foundations...

    After the construction of the Thyson building and all the OGs met and collaborated to buy drinks and real estate and created a club to start selling drinks and drugs and thus raise more money to buy weapons and cars to seize Los Santos and recover everything the territory, little by little, thyson and the other OG's and they were making money and they became the best of the saints that sell liquor and drugs since that time the club called * The 1Niners Club * It became very famous and they became very powerful in Los Santos and nowadays Thyson OG's Control in Los Santos and Territories thanks to the money that is earned in the club

    Thyson Kleinman
    Howard Kleinman
    Blinky Kleinman
    Taylor Kleinman
    Lukas Kleinman
    Rafed Kleinman
    Harlem Kleinman
    David Kleinman
    Victor Brugal
    Nino Cuboy
    Jenson Lee
    Toni Veton
    Rossi Datsik
    Kurt Blevis
    Krazy Pusha
    Luis Triton
    More to be added...

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    Nice Good luck fam

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    No need for application on this first week, per

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