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    The Underground Racing Club is a club that was formed by the Former Underground Racing League manager William Hazard. He made the club so people can enjoy and have a good time after a long race and can celebrate their wins. The Underground Racing Club was built in 1908. When William died in 1958 the new manager of the URL named Steven Mason took over the club. The club is near Idlewood. Right next to the garage and headquarters of The Underground Racing League. It is a bar where people not just members of the URL can come and chill.

    You probably weren't expecting this but the Underground Racing League has a backside. An illegal one.
    You've probably been wondering why they keep winning all the races? Its because he hires people to jam things into the competitors car which will randomly automatically turn the wheel and head somewhere else, and then blow up.

    Word on the street is that the Under Ground Racing League are hosting a completion next week and they are planning the death of James Mansfield.

    This is only the beginning of behind the scenes at The Underground Racing League.

    Click me for the official thread of the Underground Racing League
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    good luck
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    You do realise this is a 1908 car right? So if the URL existed since 1908, did they used to race in these?
    Plus, this seems like a mix in between URL and HMA lol.
    -1 not supported, sorry

    Spoiler Past names:

    Benito Forseti;
    Dave Hashbury;
    Papi Ruanova;
    Rocco Satriani.

    Spoiler Past experience:


    The Saints [R5] - Under Castiel Hashbury;
    The Brotherhood [R5] - Under Castiel Hashbury;
    Los Santos Vagos [R5] - Under Salvador Reyes;
    Seville Boulevard Hoovers [R6] - Under Myself;
    Ancelotti Crime Family [R3] - Under Steven Ancelotti.
    and many others.


    LSPD [R1] - Under Richard Vane;
    SANews [R5] - Under Dean Pierce;
    Hitman Agency [R1] - Under Unknown.

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    You can put way more effort into this.

    -1 Unsupported.
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