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    Game Modification Policy

    Chapter 1: PED.IFP Modifications

    A ped.ifp is legal if:

    • Doesn't change your running speed.
    • Doesn't affect the way you're able to move around (it can't give you an advantage).

    A ped.ifp is illegal if:

    • It makes you run faster.
    • It enables you to skip jumping walls.
    • It enables you to stay standing when getting run over and/or getting out of moving vehicles.

    Legal ped.ifp's:

    • Project Awesome (Gedimas) Ped IFP V3 (NOT 1 OR 2).
    • One Handed Deagle IFP.
    • Freestyle Basemod v2 by [SE]Basejumper.

    Chapter 2: Vehicle Modifications

    A vehicle modification is legal if:

    • Doesn't affect the size of the original vehicle in a ridiculous manner.
    • Doesn't allow you to overcome minor or major obstacles.
    • Doesn't interfere with other players whilst driving.

    A vehicle modification is illegal if:

    • It increases the size of your vehicle.
    • It allows you to overcome obstacles.
    • It hurts players or flips cars intentionally.

    Chapter 3: Map Modifications

    A map modification is legal if:

    • Doesn't affect the mapping of the original game and (custom server mapping) in any way.

    A map modification is illegal if:

    • It allows a player to gain access to areas not normally accessible.
    • It allows a player to walk/drive through custom mapping.

    Chapter 4: CLEO Modifications

    A cleo modification is legal if:

    • Doesn't affect the way a player interacts with others.
    • Doesn't give a player any advantage in any damage, movement, speed etc.

    A cleo modification is illegal if:

    • It gives the player advantages in game such as: increased movement speed, increased acceleration speed etc.
    • It is an animation cleo allowing you to play an animation not available on the server via commands.
    • It changes the behavior of vehicle movements (drift mod is exempt).
    • It changes the behavior of gunfire and guns in general

    Chapter 5: MISC Illegal Modifications List

    • Rapid Fire CLEO
    • Nametags
    • Player Informer
    • Bullet Tracer Modifications
    • FPS Unlock Modifications

    (This is only a list of only some examples of common illegal CLEOs and is not an expansive list)

    ANY other modification that gives you an unfair advantage over another player, for example, seeing nametags from extremely far away, aimbots (modification that constantly follows a player without you having to aim yourself), disabled fall damage, etc. is a bannable offense. Any type of illegal modification is punishable under the server offense for Hacking. Refer to Server Offenses for more information.

    If you have any concerns about a certain modification, please contact a member of SA:MP Operations for clarification/approval.

    This policy is subject to change at any time by the Director of SA:MP Operations.

    Credits: Kevin
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